...after years of terrible sinus pain my GP said that acupuncture might help since I had tried everything else! I booked an appointment with Peter and after three sessions my sinuses felt clear, my headaches were gone and that horrible full feeling over the bridge of my nose was gone. I feel so much better …

Mary (48yrs)


 Tennis Elbow Treatment

…I hurt my elbow at work. I did nothing about it expecting it would go away but it got worse and I began to get pain along my fingers too. After 8 Physio sessions, gels and exercises the pain hadn’t improved much so I decided to try acupuncture. I expected it to be painful because of the needles but they felt fine, not painful at all. After 6 treatments the pain to my fingers was gone and my elbow was almost back to normal…

Paul (24yrs)

… my doctor diagnosed tennis elbow. I was off work for four weeks and went for Physio, it helped but the pain still persisted after six treatments. My Physio suggested I try acupuncture. I was very negative toward this treatment, but being in such discomfort and off work for three months at this stage, I decided to try it and phoned Peter for an appointment. To my amazement my pain was gone after just three treatments! The needles didn’t hurt and I felt much better and almost pain free for the first time in months.

Helen (48yrs)



…the pain to my lower back stopped me going for my walks which I try to do every day. The doctor gave me a cortisone injection. My back felt better but the pain came back after a week. I got another cortisone injection and the same thing happened. A friend said acupuncture might help. The next visit the doctor wanted to give me an epidural injection. I decided to try acupuncture. After the first treatment I felt stiff but the pain was gone. I had 3 treatments, the pain hasn’t come back, and I still feel good…

John (88yrs)


I injured my lower back lifting at work. The pain was so severe I had to stop going to work, and conventional treatment, physio & drugs gave little relief. I went to Peter for acupuncture, and after just one session the relief I got was amazing. I felt much recovered after the second session. I have no hesitation in recommending acupuncture.

John (51yrs)


sciatica pain

I hurt my back at work. I had severe pain in my lower back and moving down my left leg. My GP sent me for a scan which showed bulging in one of the lower back disks. I was recommended to go for surgery. Meanwhile I was told acupuncture might help and I decided to try it before going for surgery. Peter began treating me. The pain gradually eased. I was stiff after the first two treatments but there was very little pain. I was able to sleep reasonably comfortably for the 1st time in weeks too. I had 10 treatments in all. I don’t have any pain now. I am a lot more careful with my back now.

Paul (65yrs)


John, my husband, and I had been trying for a baby for years. We decided to try IVF. John’s sperm test results were normal. I had the various tests including a laparoscopy and I was told ‘..ovulatory activity is poor…’. I went through with the IVF treatment. It wasn’t successful and I felt a huge sense of loss and disappointment, it was devastating. John didn’t say much but I know he felt disappointed and concerned for me.
AcupunctureMaybe a year later we began to talk about trying IVF again. Meanwhile I decided to try acupuncture. I had a number of treatments in another clinic but didn’t feel comfortable. Peter was then recommended to me. He asked many questions about my health in general and my menstrual history, and explained the treatment process. After the first acupuncture treatment I felt much better, my headache was gone and I felt calmer. I tested positive for pregnancy after the fourth treatment. We are delighted to have a wonderful, healthy and very active 2 yr old. Maura (28yrs)

For several years my husband and I have been trying for a family. After numerous failed IVF and other treatments, I was told acupuncture might help us. I began acupuncture treatment with Peter beginning my 3rd IVF attempt. Following acupuncture I felt my health overall improved and side effects from the medications were cleared. The needles didn’t hurt and I felt de-stressed and more relaxed. I also had more energy. All the indications were so good and yet it failed again for no apparent reason. It took me a long time to recover from this. We decided to try IVF one more time in Sept. 2008. This time I continued with acupuncture after the embryo transfer. When I got severe cramping and contractions and felt anxious the acupuncture eased these and I felt much more comfortable. I am now pregnant and we are absolutely delighted. I attribute a great deal of my success to acupuncture and Peter.
Kate (37yrs)


Enduring two years of fertility treatments, medication and two failed IVF procedures my partner and I were tired and very frustrated, we had decided to give up on conceiving. A family member recommended I consider trying acupuncture. I called to Peter’s Clinic. I was a bit hesitant to start with but decided to give him a try as he was recommended. I had also suffered from IBS for several years, and during one of my two failed IVF treatments, I had one of my fallopian tubes removed due to adhesions (scar tissue) from a previous surgery. I found Peter really listened and made me feel at ease, calmer and finally hopeful again. He started to treat the IBS and infertility and after four sessions there was a big change in my life, the diarrhoea and abdominal bloating stopped. I continued having weekly sessions to treat the infertility. Then my partner and I decided to have a 3rd IVF proceedure. I kept my weekly sessions going with Peter which definitely reduced my stress and helped me through this difficult time. To mine and my partner’s great surprise and joy this cycle was successful. At the time of writing this, I’m 20 wks pregnant. I believe that we would not be in this exciting situation without Peter’s help. I look at acupuncture differently now, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it.

Miriam (40 yrs)


Migrane Treatment

I had severe migraine regularly with pain through my right eye, sensitivity to light, nausea and sore eyes. Medication would help for a while but the migraines were getting more regular and would last up to 3 days. I was afraid I might loose my job which added to my stress. A friend told me of Peter and I booked an appointment. After the first treatment, the headache was gone and I felt better and relaxed. The migraine threatened once during the following week but never came. I have not suffered a migraine since. I had six treatments and feel so much better – no headaches!’

Cath (42yrs)

My final examinations were coming up and I thought I wouldn’t be able to attend because of a severe migraine, stress and nausea. I phoned Peter and following acupuncture treatment felt much better. I passed the examinations with hons. Without acupuncture, I wouldn’t have been able to even attend.

Lor (30yrs)



I had a Sciatica condition successfully treated with acupuncture in Peter’s clinic a few years ago and haven’t had any back problem since. So I decided to try the cosmetic acupuncture treatment.

After two treatments the results were noticeable, my skin felt softer and brighter, my facial and neck spots began to disappear, and my skin felt more healthy and more toned. After a month (4 treatments) my friends began to tell me I looked younger. I have had five treatments, the last one 6 weeks ago, yet my skin still feels softer, clearer, and the wrinkles are not as noticeable.

Carrie (45yrs)



For 20yrs I had difficulty sleeping. In the last few months it was getting worse. My husband died at a young age and I had to raise my two kids an my own and run a farm. I was very hard without family support, and the hours were long and tough. My son is running the farm now. My GP wanted to give me pills for insomnia and anxiety. I don’t like taking medicines or tablets. I was told of Peter and went to see him. He explained what he was going to do and I began the treatments. There was a gradual improvement to my sleep. This continued to improve as the treatments went on. I had 10 treatments and I now sleep well. It has made a big difference to me and I’m less anxious too. No pills to take either.

Breda (66yrs)

Stress / Anxiety

Stress / Anxiety

I wasn’t eating or sleeping well, and was stressed out and depressed after the separation with my husband, and the trauma of that whole process. A friend told me of someone she knew that had acupuncture for stress and found it very helpful. I eventually decided to try it since I didn’t want to keep taking pills. I phoned Peter and after the first treatment I felt much more relaxed. Gradually my appetite and sleep improved too. My friends also noticed my mood and energy had improved. I have taken up yoga too recently and am feeling so much better.

Mary (34 yrs)