Reproductive Health

Zita West Specialist Fertility Clinics
Affiliated Acupuncture Clinic

Benefits for the Patient:

  • The Clinics specialize in all aspects of Male and Female Reproductive Health
  • Additional to existing qualifications Practitioners receive further postgraduate training / seminars in diagnostic processes and treatment protocols as followed at the Zita West Fertility Clinic, London:
    1. Male and Female fertility improvement
    2. Boost IVF / AR success rates
    3. Improve pregnancy and pregnancy outcomes
    4. Support post-natal recovery
  • Members have access to The Zeta West Fertility Clinic, it’s Specialists, and other member’s of the network for consultation and advise.
  • The clinical Acupuncturists will be joined by affiliated Medical health professionals with established practices in reproductive health to create a network of like-minded specialists.
  • Independent Professionals with Experience in Reproductive Health.
  • Wide-ranging Medical and Complimentary Health Experience – you get the benefit of your Practitioner’s individual expertise, PLUS the experience of other network members AND that of the Zita West Clinical Fertility Specialists.
  • Discounts on Zeta West Clinic Services & Nutritional Products
  • Client Feedback – to maintain the highest professional standards feedback from clients is encouraged on the Practitioner service provided.